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We played OSH again last night, and the kids had a great time. We continued the story that left off last time with our adventurers having just fought off bat riders that attacked them from a nearby volcano.

After a short rest the group traveled to the base of the volcano where they found a large cave entrance. Just inside the cave they found what appeared to be a long line of various monsters. At the front of the line there appeared to be another monster that was a guard of some kind, with a clipboard, taking monster names and letting a few in at a time through a chained entrance. They decided that this was probably not a good way to enter the volcano.

So they climbed up the side of the mountain to another cave farther up where the bats from the encounter had fled to after the fight. They entered into this cave and found that it opened quickly into a large cavern with stalactites and stalagmites and a natural bridge of sorts leading to a tunnel across the cavern. Along the ceiling were large rings where the bats were gathered.

Sansalar’s new bat friend told her that he was going to head up there and hang out with his friends for a while, so he took off. Just after he took off, 4 Boglins (Bat Riders) appeared across the bridge and announced their presence by firing arrows across the cavern that all went wild (they were two arenas away).

The battle was on, and Dwarvie yelled “Charge!” and charged onto the bridge. The battle moved quickly and two Boglins were dispatched from the bridge and fell to the cavern floor or impaled on a stalagmite. The two remaining decided it was time to run and sound the alarm. To help cover their retreat, a new monster showed up. The caretaker of the bat cave, Llort, arrived. His green, warty skin, large nose, tiny head, and orangutan-like upper body and arms indicated they he often traveled the cavern using the many rings throughout. That’s right, his name is troll spelled backwards, and yes…he is known as Llort of the Rings.

Once everyone recovered from the horrible puns, they engaged the irritating regenerating Llort and were only able to kill one Boglin that was running away. The Llort eventually took to the rings (after being pushed off the bridge by Dwarvie), and tried to dodge arrows while he loosened and dropped stalactites on the party. Eventually, they stuck him enough times to drop him and he fell to his squishy doom onto one of the stalagmites below.

By then, however, the cave swarmed with more boglins, led by one that looked to be in charge. He was announced to be the Boglin Chef, and everyone figured this was just a boglinish way of saying Chief. Well, he was actually an Assistant Chef, but he still looked pretty important. His armor did look a little odd, like cookie sheet breastplate, a colander helmet, and of course, a Military Fork.

The party was overwhelmed and captured, but they were able to take a couple boglins, and the Chef, out beforehand. They were hauled further into the volcano and through a large room that was set up with tables and food in bins. Two conveyor belts cranked large disks of meat over the hot volcanic lava and placed on large loaves of bread that were sliced in half.

Davon did a forehead slap and said, “I fought my butt off to get into here, and it’s just a restaurant?!?!?!”

They were brought before the General Mangler, and he accused them of working as raiders for the competition. Apparently, a rival of Monster Burger has been blockading supply chains and employing raiders to interfere with delivery bats and their routes.

They offered to help stop the raiders if the Mangler would spare their lives and not make them into side dishes. He told his boglins to put them in the cooler for a while so he can consider their offer.

We’ll see how things go next time!